Terms of Service for Aalto Takeout

Aalto Takeout is a service provided by Aalto Studios for finding and reserving resources available at Aalto University.

Many individual departments and units of the university make their resources available at their service points/lending offices on campus. This document provides the terms of service for using these resources.

1. General Terms

1.1. Resources available through Aalto Takeout (Takeout) can be used first and foremost for research and study related work by the person borrowing the equipment (lendee).

1.2. The resources can also be used for non-commercial projects outside the curriculum, but research and study related reservations take priority. The lending office staff reserve the right to evaluate projects for compliance with these terms.

1.3. Commercial use is by default prohibited. A project is considered commercial if it receives any funding from a commercial entity that is set to gain from the project financially, either directly or indirectly. Please note, that these restrictions apply even when the lendee works for free; non-paid work does not automatically mean non-commercial.

1.4. Using the resources for commercial projects without prior arrangement may result in the lendee losing their usage rights for Takeout

1.5. By using the resources for commercial projects without prior arrangement, the lendee becomes liable to pay market value rent for the resources, even retrospectively.

1.6. For any commercial use as part of research or study projects, the terms have to be negotiated with the lending office staff prior to reserving the items. Commercial use outside research and study related projects is strictly prohibited.

1.7. The name of the lendee and their project title may appear to other signed-in users in association to the resource they have reserved.

2. Reservation Time Windows

Resources in Aalto Takeout may have differing availability for different groups of users. These rules are governed by, for example, the user’s role at Aalto University, the nature of the project and usage quotas for certain resources. The staff lending the resources may also limit availability as required by other factors. These guidelines provide a general outline of typically available reservation time windows.

2.1. Aalto University Staff

2.1.1. No spesific time restrictions on how much earlier a resource can be booked.

2.1.2. Short notice limitations may apply, a reservation may need to be made a certain time in advance.

2.2. Aalto University Students

2.2.1. for research and study related work the reservation period opens 4 months before the first available time.

2.2.2. for non-commercial projects outside the curriculum the reservations can be made 1 month in advance.

2.2.3. short notice limitations may apply, a reservation may need to be made a certain time in advance.

3. Reservation Restrictions

Resources in Aalto Takeout may have differing restrictions for different groups of users. Some resources may require a usage permit to verify a needed skill level or may require additional information on the intended use. Lending office staff reserve the right to not release equipment, if these criteria are not met.

3.1. The maximum length of a reservation is item specific.

3.2. The maximum reservation length can be exceeded if this is warranted, however, such requests are always reviewed and decided by lending office staff.

3.3. In some cases, a detailed statement of the intended use may be required, complete with a precise schedule and list of locations where the resources are used.

4. Pick-up and Returns

Aalto Takeout is used by many different equipment and space lending offices, at different locations on campus. Their business hours and logistics differ from each other, but general guidelines apply to all.

4.1. Pickups

4.1.1. The pick-up and return of reserved items takes place at the service point defined in the reservation. We do not have a system for delivering items from one office to another.

4.1.2. In some locations, pickups are done using automated lockers using a PIN code. Access to the lockers may be limited by access to the building they are in.

4.1.3. Be prepared to provide proof of identity.

4.1.4. For personal consultation and help with the equipment, visit the service point during the hours specified in Aalto Takeout.

4.1.5. The service point can help you with your first time using Aalto Takeout, and can add last minute items to your reservation, if available.

4.2. Returns

4.2.1 Returns must be on time. Contact the service point immediately, if it looks like you might miss the return time; someone may be waiting to lend the item next.

4.2.2. Items are returned to the same office they were picked up from, unless otherwise agreed.

4.2.3. Make sure everything you picked up gets returned. Cables, chargers, baseplates and other small accessories have a tendency to get lost.

4.2.4. If an item breaks, malfunctions or is lost, contact the service point staff as soon as possible.

4.2.5. If the item you lent breaks or something is wrong in it or if it disappears, let the TakeOut staff know it as soon as possible; someone may have reserved the item after you.

4.3. Service Point Spesific Pick-up and Return Details

4.3.1. Aalto Studios at Otakaari 7
The self service lockers and the lending office are located on the lobby (2nd) floor, to the left from the Otakaari 7. main entrance. Please note this door requires an access card after 16.00. During office hours items can be returned to the office staff or to the lockers. If returning to a locker, just pick one that is open, put in the items and close the door properly. No further action is required on your part.

4.3.2. Harald Herlin Learning Centre
The main entrance information desk handles pick-ups and returns.

4.3.3. ARTS Infra Väre
The lending office is located next to Kipsari on the ground floor.

5. Penalties

Failing to meet the terms and conditions of using Aalto Takeout resources will result in penalties.

5.1. In most cases the penalty is given in the form of temporal suspension of reservation rights.

5.2. The severity and necessity of penalty is assessed case by case by the lending office in question.

5.3. Penalties may be given for late returns, inappropriate handling of the equipment that is evident, or other unprofessional behaviour.

5.4. A penalty can be mitigated or increased by the lending office staff, if justified by appropriate evidence.

5.5. Monetary penalties/rent can also be imposed if the case calls for it, for e.g., commercial use of the equipment or evidently deliberate vandalism.

6. Insurance

6.1. Generally, the equipment is not specifically insured.

6.2. The Aalto University department of the lendee is liable for repair/replacement costs up to 5000€. * Units?

6.3. The Aalto University department of the lendee may hold the lendee liable for any part of this 5000€, as deemed necessary.

6.4. Costs exceeding 5000€ up to 50000€ are covered by shared Aalto University funds.

6.5. Costs exceeding 50000€ are covered by general Aalto University insurance.

6.6. In cases of normal wear & tear, malfunctions or honest accidents, the department will cover the costs. * lendee department?

7. Travel

7.1. Most equipment can be used for projects abroad.

7.2. The lendee is always responsible for the safety of the equipment during travel.

7.3. It is recommended that students take their own travel insurance for the equipment. * only students?

7.4. Travel insurance by the lendee is required when the target location is one of high risk (e.g. Africa). * All of Africa?

7.5. When equipment value exceeds 5000€, travel insurance is always required.

7.6. The lendee is responsible of any required legal paperwork regarding the equipment (e.g. ATA Carnet).

7.7. Any customs and insurance related information, such as the value and serial numbers of equipment can be requested from the lending office staff.

8. Miscalleneous

8.1. Remember to make great use of fantastic Aalto Takeout resources in order to excel in your studies and research.

8.2. Tell your colleagues and friends about Aalto Takeout!