Aalto Takeout :

Privacy notice

We strive to make the information stored by Aalto Takeout easily viewable and editable by the contributors, while minimizing the amount of information collected from visitors to the website takeout.aalto.fi.

What information is being collected?

Aalto Takeout collects information entered by users as part of their project descriptions, and through clicks indicating reservation requests.

In addition to this, the service receives information from Aalto University’s identity management systems, when made available. This includes the name and contact information for the user, and their organization.

The service does not currently collect and process identifying information from site visitors, beyond the logs kept by the server software. Statistical data regarding visits and page views is kept anonymous.

Who are collecting this information?

Aalto Takeout is a service owned and run by Aalto University, run on Aalto University servers at the University’s data center in Espoo, Finland. The service is developed and maintained in-house by the Web Studio at Aalto Studios, who you can reach through sending a message to webstudio@aalto.fi.

How is the information collected?

The data is collected through a form (‘Project information’), through clicks indicating reservation times requested, and from the University’s identity management system (IDP) where made available.

Why is this information being collected?

The information is required to carry out the transactions necessary for the use of the product. The information is retained for maintaining a lending history, as to provide both the lender and the lendee with knowledge of prior activity. We base any future processing of the data collected from users on the lawful basis of consent.

How will this information be used?

The information is used to manage resource reservation related transactions, including contacting the user when necessary.

Who will this information be shared with?

The data stored by Aalto Takeout is not shared with other services.

In terms of integrity and security, we maintain industry standard levels or securing the data both in transit and in storage. The data is stored on University servers in the Espoo, Finland data center.

Additional considerations

The service may retain information entered by the person for a period of time after their stay at the University. As their user account at Aalto University is terminated, the data will be subject to removal.

Personal information stored in the system can be reviewed by signing in and viewing the ‘Projects’ history. Users whose user account for Aalto University has expired, and who wish review any existing information, can send a request to webstudio@aalto.fi.