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What's Aalto Takeout?

Many Aalto University departments and units make equipment available for Aalto University people, ranging from audiovisual production gear to scientific measuring devices. Aalto Takeout helps you find these service providers and reserve their equipment for your projects.

Who can use it?

Anyone with an Aalto University user account can sign in and use the service. Equipment specific restrictions may apply.

How does it work?

Browse the item categories, or use the search to find items of interest. Use the item specific calendar to choose dates for your reservation.

How to reserve items?

The lending offices are typically open for business in both the morning and afternoon. You can reserve your pickup and return based on these half day time slots. Check the info for each office for more detailed policies.


Click to select a start time, then an end sometime later in the future. Be sure to include time for pickup and return.


Items already reserved by you, found in your history.


Unavailable item, typically reserved by someone else.


Office doesn't accept pickups and returns on this day. Your reservation can span this time, just make sure to book a return time after this period. If the future appears all grey, it indicates a time limit for this item- it can not be reserved that far in advance.

Terms of Service

Find the rules and requirements for using the service in our Terms of Service

Questions and Feedback

For questions on equipment and spaces, contact the equipment office in question directly. You'll find their contact information in your "Reservations" or by choosing a location from the "Location" list in the navigation.

For feedback on the web service Aalto Takeout, you can mail or drop us a note on Facebook Messenger.

Development roadmap

1.0a1 February 2016

  • Internal development release

1.0b1 June 2016

  • Initial public beta release

1.0 May 2017

  • Removed shopping bag and cover reservations in favor of direct, real-time reservations
  • Improved overview on upcoming, current and past reservations (formerly History)
  • Dramatically improved scrolling and loading of calendars, particularly on mobile devices
  • Multiple reservations on a time line
  • Hour based reservations as an option (for Aalto Studios space reservations)
  • Box selections in hour based calendars (Click Mon 10:00 to Fri 17:00 to select logical range)
  • Option for item to allow overlapping new reservations for queuing
  • Direct links to individual items
  • Direct, barebones views to individual items for iframe based embedding on other web sites
  • Administration view additions for managing spaces
  • Bug fixes
  • Legibility improvements
  • General speed optimizations

1.1 Feb 2018

  • Space reservations
  • Speed and interface optimizations
  • Text based item filtering on list pages
  • Different availibility time windows based on organisational roles, for example more advance time for course planning
  • Managing ‘drivers license’ - based usage rights for resources that require a permit
  • Email reminders on return days
  • Better support for kits and groups of items
  • Generic Aalto level usage policy update
  • Groundwork for moving to a project based reservation grouping in the next update
  • 1.1.1 Feb 2018 Bug fixes

Coming up next

  • Major streamlining of the reservation information process by allowing collecting and editing items in project baskets.
  • Per location policies
  • Realtime updates in the UI as other people’s reservations appear and disappear
  • Better quality keyword data and user contributed keywords
  • User reviews and feedback on item condition
  • Moderation based reservations, as in reservation requests
  • Additional resource reservation options for spaces, such as equipment or personnel as required
  • Email notification on released reservations

Made at Aalto University

Aalto Takeout has been built from the ground up for the best fit by the Web Studio at Aalto Studios, based on the success of the Media Factory Equipment service (2011 - 2016) at Arabia.

Did you know?

Reserve long ranges faster by simply clicking the start and end, even over grey zones.